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Boby Trolley 


Cesare (also known as Joe) Colombo was born in Milan in 1930. He studied at the Academia Brera and later at the Faculty of Architecture at the Polytechnic in Milan. Before becoming a designer he worked as a painter, builder, car salesman (his passion for cars stayed with him) and an electronics entrepreneur.

Colombo left behind many masterpieces in just over ten years until his death in 1971, and became a star in the Italian design of the 1960s.

'Bobby Trolley' was designed by Joe Colombo in 1970.

Originally designed for use near a desk. Characterised mainly by high storage capabilities and functionality of items that are needed in a limited space.

A tray that can be rotated and used, a removable shelf and a permanent storage surface. The trolley can be rotated smoothly with five two-wheelers, and can be moved easily when separating the place of use from the place of storage.

The trolley is widely used in the living space like the kitchen, living room and bed, as well as, in professional use such as medical facilities and beauty salons.

The 'Bobby Trolley' is part of the MoMA Museum's permanent collection.

Model Selection

Drawers Amount

There are two drawer versions - narrow and deep.


Color Selection






Tornado gray


Top Surface

To flatten the top, you can purchase additions: dark cork or oak

One push to open

The drawer can be opened and closed easily with the push of a button. The drawer rotates to 180 degrees, which makes it easier to take out stored items.

Side pockets

Used as space for storage boxes, cables, etc ..

5 wheels
Five wheels with a diameter of 50 mm are connected, allowing for smooth movement.

Made of polypropylene that does not damage the floor.

Modular box
With a removable shelf board depending on the application. By lowering the shelf, long items like posters can be stored.

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