Inspired by the landmarks and unique natural features of Kyoto, these unique sets include a selection of 6 conjugodo fragrances and a brass incense holder.

All Kongyokodo incense sticks are made from natural materials with the help of traditional incense recipes, combined with a modern fragrance.

Incense is intended for everyday life. Enjoy it at home, bring it with you on a trip, or offer fine incense as a gift to loved ones to mark seasonal events.


A refreshing, sweet, soothing indigo set, including;

  • City of Sakai 101 (Purple)
  • Miyama Lotus Flower (Light Purple)
  • Otowa Waterfall (Blue)
  • Yase Lavender (Light Blue)
  • Mimuroto Lotus (Sky blue)
  • Uji Matcha (Green)

Indigo Incense

  • Dimensions

    8.0 x 15.0 cm Outer box dimensions

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