Black earthenware teapot with a tolerance

Spacious earthenware teapot with a tolerance of black Tianmu. Of a color and luster Tianmu, just earthenware teapot of Hakusan pottery that earthenware teapot, which began released in 2002. Original design is that those of 25 years ago, a design that has passed through the era, while also leaving nostalgia, be incorporated into the now of life, long-life design that does not feel quite old. Currently also, reason to be accepted, not just the universal appearance. There is a reason why you would want to continue to use in daily life.



Width 15.5 × depth 13 × height 9.7 (cm) (diameter 6 cm)capacity660mlRaw materialsPorcelain (handle: resin)

TENMOKU earthenware teapot

  • מידות

    רוחב 15.5 × עומק 13 × גובה 9.7 ס"מ  קוטר 6 ס"מ

    660 מ "ל

  • חומר

    חומרי גלם פורצלן ידית: שרף

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