hibino . japan/nordic 

A gallery & shop - located in an historical Bauhaus architecture area, in the heart of a business & luxury tourists district.

Hibino expose the visitors to an exquisite atmosphere which is created by a unique classics pieces - a collection of mid-century furniture and a large variety of crafted design objects from Japan and Scandinavia.

This special combination reveals the client to an experiential venture of two aesthetics heritages of long-standing cultural traditions -
so different but so similar by theirs respect to design, history and life philosophies. Their timeless pieces live thanks to the high-end traditional handcrafts and the uncompromising technological innovation.

The visit in hibino is a unique experience, starting with the meticulous impressive gallery space, continuing with the welcoming and knowledgeable service, given by the shop staff, and ending by a beautiful traditional Japanese gift wrapping.

In our eyes, a simple satisfaction from functionality and durability,
is all you need from a successful product, but when you can derive timeless and beauty from the uttermost simplistic tools, then you have something special.

30 yavne street tel aviv

t/f  03 516 03 52

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